Stay at Home Loneliness

Our relationships with others help us thrive and survive. So what can you do when you are cut off from loved ones and dealing with Stay at Home loneliness? 

Dealing with Stay at Home Loneliness

You probably know someone who in “solo quarantine” and dealing with loneliness during this fifth week of Savannah’s #stayathome order. Maybe YOU are alone, prohibited from seeing children, grandchildren, or others you depend on.

Being social is about finding ways to connect with one another so that we can all share in the human experience. Television does NOT count. So have asked Dr. Davana Pilczuk for some advice on how to be social when distant.  

Here are some ways to connect with loved ones and others during a time when we can’t see one another in person: 

Schedule Calls with Friends

Schedule personal calls or FaceTime meetings like it’s your job! And don’t minimize these meetings because they are ‘personal’. These personal calls are exceptionally important to our physical and mental health right now, so make friendships a priority just like you would a staff meeting.

Adopt a Pet 

Many animal shelters are understaffed right now and unable to fully care for all their animals, so why not foster a pet to keep you company for the next few weeks? Pets are wonderful sources of love and are a welcome distraction from many of the stresses we are facing. Plus, it’s hard to feel lonely when a Great Dane is lying next to you.

Meet Your Backyard Buddy

Look for your neighbors when they are out in the yard or on the street and say, “Hello!”

Be sure to ask if they are okay and strike up a conversation you might not otherwise have had (while staying at least 6 feet apart). Realizing you aren’t alone in this will make you feel better.

Beat Stay at Home Loneliness with Technology

There are so many great apps to help us connect. Download FaceTime or Zoom and set up a Wednesday cooking class with your gal pals. Friday nights can be “Pictionary” night with the grandkids. On Sundays, many churches are hosting virtual services online via Facebook Live. Many artists are performing on social media – pick one and plan to share it with someone you love. 

Write Letters 

Once upon a time people actually wrote letters to each other. They would exchange endearing notes, cards and drawings expressing how much they missed each other and looked forward to being together.

Why not reignite that tradition with the special people in your life, because who doesn’t love getting a love note in the mail to make them feel special? If you need stamps, buy them online and have them delivered to your door. 

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Davana PilczukDr. Davana Pilczuk, Owner & Principal, The Human Performance Group LLC