We are Privia Health Providers

A new partnership in support of your health.

As of March 31, 2020, Drs. Bradley and Gaskin have joined with Privia Health in order to improve your access to care.

Your provider will not change. We still work closely with both major hospital systems in Savannah, Chatham County, and South Georgia. But you should notice dramatic improvements your ability to get care when you need it – FAST – with less waiting.

“Privia Health’s smart tech is a game changer,” says Dr. Bradley. “Our new systems support your health not only in our office, but at specialists’ offices, at the pharmacy counter, and even in the hospital, providing the information your providers need at lightning speed.”




What is Privia Health?

Privia Health is a national organization of physicians and health care providers.

As a Privia provider in Savannah, Savii Health now has access to tools and technologies to keep us better connected with you. This will allow our providers to remain 100% focused on patient care.

Better yet, with over 360 providers across the state, and a large national network, we can now provide a seamless experience when it comes to referrals, testing, imaging, and prompt access to your health records.

What does it mean for Savii Health?

Advances in technology mean that we are living longer, healthier lives, but for independent health care providers, keeping pace can be expensive. Indeed, the “busy work” of administrating care and dealing with insurers has overwhelmed some practices.

This partnership is a game-changer, freeing up time for Drs Bradley and Gaskin and our other providers to do what they do best.

As Russell Gray of Privia says, “The goal is to keep the doctor-patient relationship at the center of the healthcare delivery system. Everything else should work to support that.”