Medicare Patients Can Save $$$

Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare’s annual open enrollment period is coming up! To help make sure you find the best plan possible, Savii Health has partnered with a dedicated, objective agent. 

Do you feel like your co-pays are too high?

Beginning on October 15, you have an opportunity to shop for a new Medicare plan for 2022.

As you may know, there are so many plans out there, so many new and different carriers, and they are constantly changing. There is some chance you may be on an older, more expensive plan, and you may be eligible for benefits you are not currently enjoying.


Real Senior Management for Savii Health

Introducing Real Senior Management

Real Senior Management is an independent insurance agency, which means that they do not represent any particular carrier. Your relationship to them will remain independent of your relationship to Savii Health. And their services are free to you. The goal is to make sure that you get the best Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan for your family and financial situation.

Schedule a Consultation Today 

An agent from Real Senior Management will be happy to meet with you at our office or they can visit you at home to help you compare plans and find the best fit. Call this number to schedule your free consultation: 912-224-9353 or visit their website to submit an inquiry